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That was just after my graduation when we decided to spend a week in Wrocław, which is less than three-hour drive from Łódź, our home city. It was mid-November. At this time of year the weather in Poland is usually rainy and gloomy, but this time we were lucky to enjoy calm, sunny and still relatively warm days.

Almost everyday we used to spend hours walking along riverside with graceful panorama of the Old City with majestic, slim bell-towers of reconstructed medieval cathedral of St. John the Baptist. Every time we stopped to make a sketch and after a few days we had our sketchbooks full of redrawn again and again the same views. The observed ever-changing light conditions, the play of shadows on gothic brick facades, slowly moving clouds on the sky or glittering reflections on the river surface made this scenery so different.

After that came a reflection on our own city. The places that we used to know so well that they tend to be overlooked in everyday life. Why we don’t celebrate with sketching places that we are so familiar with? Maybe, the answer could be the loss of values of the ordinary for the sake of the novelty. But isn’t it unfortunately a broader tendency in our times?

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