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Water sheet

cement, gypsum
positive / negative

Artwork created at

Strzeminski Academy of Art Lodz,
Faculty of Sculpture and Interactive Actions

Sculpture -  master course


Tutor: dr hab. Tomasz Kowalczyk 


Artwork exhibited at 18th Science and Art Festival, Lodz, Poland, 

exhibition Master and Apprentice

I believe that sometimes you can see an ocean in a glass of water. It is possible if only  you imagine that every boundless entity consists of a thousands of millions of smaller grains, similar yet different like snowflakes or raindrops. This repetitiveness of gesture, a single sign multiplied endlessly, provides a sense of vastness. It evokes coherence and tranquillity that permeates through natural landscape. Differences in detail don’t distract from the perception of the whole.

Like in Pollock’s abstract paintings, there is no focus point, no central figure. The periphery is equally important as the centre. Looking at the sculpture you can almost follow the movements of artist’s body, like in expressionist painting, in this case a series of fingerprints. The reduction of compositional decisions was  supposed to enhance a transcendental experience of the viewer.

What I like about this sculpture is that the viewer can actually learn about the process of making. One can imagine first clay sculpture then coated with gypsum to provide a negative form for the final concrete cast. The sculpture was exhibited as an floating object in space with boundaries defined by a shadow and rough unfinished edges similar to picture frames.

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