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Urban Shelter

urban house with workshop

Group project (2 students)

Modern urban life is getting more and more feverish, stressful and demanding. Therefore, living in a city requires tranquility and peaceful frameworks of private space. It is the case of presented urban house that is located in downtown of Lodz, in the vibrant neighbourhood of high-density residential estate, next to the shopping and entertainment centre.

The house could be defined as a haven from public attention and as such it requires careful treatment in its design. The aim is to secure privacy and intimacy of residents, who want to see but not be seen, hear  but not be heard, especially in vibrant urban setting.

Architecture of the house is a matter of light, structure and materials. The floor plan is simple and reasonable. Staircase separates public part in the front form private part opened to the garden in the back of the plot.


The rooftop garden gives an unique opportunity to stay in touch with surrounding while preserve necessary level of privacy. Carefully studied openings in the form of the house express tectonics of the building and shape different character of interior space. Monolith like form is emphasized by use of basic materials such as concrete with copper finishing.

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