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poplar wood

Artwork created at

Strzeminski Academy of Art Lodz,
Faculty of Sculpture and Interactive Actions

Sculpture -  master course


Tutor: dr hab. Janusz Czumaczenko prof. ASP


This sculpture reflects on the nature of our perception of similarities and differences. There are two pieces of poplar wood, one trunk cut through diameter, human height and silhouette, standing opposite to each other in a way that enables to view both of them simultaneously. As you walk around them you see their changing profiles and faces of both pieces so you can compare them. Curved, polished and waxed profiles expose the slight differences, unnoticed at first glance.

Being aware of material aspects of woodwork I decided to treat each surface differently. Thus you can find naturally stained texture beneath peeled bark, smoothly polished profiles or raw core with signs of chain saw. That enables the surfaces to age differently which would support the initial idea to naturally develop over time.

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