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aluminium wire, hardboard

Artwork created at

Strzeminski Academy of Art Lodz,
Faculty of Sculpture and Interactive Actions

Sculpture -  master course


Tutor: dr hab. Janusz Czumaczenko prof. ASP


There is a group of students. They are standing close to each other, talking, waving with their hands in an inviting manner or maybe even dancing. It evokes an everyday situation observed at the university.

This sculpture is meant to be a marking point of the entrance to the Academy of Art in Lodz. Inspired by the work of the patron of the Academy - Wladyslaw Strzeminski, who was a famous avantgarde painter, the sculpture abstracts the reality of the students’ campus. Similar in language of freehand lines detached from colour fields to Strzeminski’s paintings, yet the composition of the sculpture has its own dynamics. The composition is changing while seen from different perspectives, which gives an impression of animated figures in movement. Your eyes follow the lines in search for the beginning or the end but it seems there is no one.

The aluminium wire reflects light on its bent edges and cast shadows on the hardboard base, which serves as doubled canvas. The straight edges of the base resemble the edges of the painting and thus create a simple framework contrasting with playful sculptural composition.

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