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P3 Parametric Pavilion

design and building workshop

The project was qualified for the open programme in the International Lodz Design Festival 2013. 

Find out more watching this short video


University campus in Lodz, 
23.09 - 20.10.2013


- Piotr Adamski
- Olga Chrzanowska
- Rafał Jóźwiak
- Ewelina Stawowy


- Sebastian Białkowski 
   Lodz University of Technology
- Tudor Cosmatu 
   AL_TU research
- Alexander Kalachev 
   Dessau Institute of Architecture 

Project was co-organised with fellow students from scientific group.

The idea of constructing the pavilion was born due to a need to provide the academic community with an integrated space which would inspire new solutions. Three professionals who specialize in utilizing parametric tools in the design process were invited to coordinate with the students on the project.  In the first three days, 27 participants of the workshops got acquainted with these tools utilizing programs such as Rhino and Grasshopper. With the acquired skills, small groups created concepts for the pavilions which inspired the final form. 
For the next couple of days participants were designing and finally constructing the pavilion. The whole structure was made out of 200 m2 of 5 mm dick plywood.

Photos by Piotr Adamski, Marcin Kolczyński, Rafał Jóźwiak.

All graphics prepared by workshop participants.

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