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Opacity and Transparency of Living

residential building

Building plot is right next to the dense and vibrant downtown area of Lodz. On the north there’s noisy double-lane road, while on the east plot opens to the greenery. 

Living in a city is inevitably connected with a dilemma of relation between private and public sphere. The question is: what should be opened and what should be closed or rather what should be seen? This project deals with the matter of intimacy of living in a city environment. 

Therefore, the emphasis was put on the material and structural design solutions. As a barrier against city noise and public attention a double skin with glass blocks was proposed, which additionally creates private loggia at the front. Thanks to the material’s properties the flats are still properly sunlit while the views from the outside are efficiently limited. The frontal elevation’s design is coordinated with the whole construction aimed at remaining rational spatial configuration of the flats. Balconies at the back of residential buildings are also designed to preserve as much privacy as possible.

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