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The Herd

aluminium wire

Artwork created at

Strzeminski Academy of Art Lodz,
Faculty of Sculpture and Interactive Actions

Sculpture -  master course


Tutor: dr hab. Janusz Czumaczenko prof. ASP 

Imagine, you walk into the space that is filled up completely with organic, homogenous, immersive superstructure. With initial anxiety, you let yourself feel embraced as if you were a part of it. You follow its shape, explore it driven by its internal force and dynamics. Impression of anxiety and suspicion is slowly followed by curiosity and conformity to overwhelming physical reality that might offer you a safe haven if only you accept the rules.

This conflicting experience of conformity to surrounding external conditions accompanied by loss of individual expression and anxiety reflects the experience of belonging to a herd. This sculptural space is inspired by chaotic, homogenous and dynamic structure of animal herd – one superorganism formed by a dozens of individual yet uniform pieces.

The movement of the sketching hand let to explore the shape and expression of the sculpture. Cast shadow and light reflections enliven the structure and multiply the effect.

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