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Harmonizing Contradictions

urban redevelopment project in Hong Kong


Sustainable Urban Dynamics, Design Studio, Lund University, Sweden

Redevelopment proposal for Kwun Tong is based on conviction that it is public space that lies in the heart of every city. Working with such a dense environment as Hong Kong has, there’s high pressure put on land use, which is created by contradictory expectations of space users– communities, government and business. Proposed solution emphasizes the role of water as the integrating factor and creates a firm foundation for district’s redevelopment.

The aim is to provide robust framework of public space shaped by qualities found in both Chinese and Western urban traditions and by this contributing to the place-making by local people. Reorganized traffic together with a new monorail line greatly enhance pedestrianized movement within district. Proposed open landscape in this densely populated area not only enables better storm water management but also creates genuine democratic space, which serves both  as natural recreational space and improves local microclimate conditions. In addition, project deals with the idea of sustainability on the economic level by negotiating with a concept of central business district.

The presented approach by integrating public life with the great role of water within the city confines illustrates what the idea of water sensitive city of the future can be about.

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