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Continuum of the Place

preservation project

Group project (2 students)

Lidzbark Warminski, 14th century  city, perched on the hillside between two streams had its main square with dominant gothic town hall, which became the evidence of long and difficult history of the place. Pulled down after the fire in 1865, the remains of the building survived until today under the square’s surface. The medieval city has changed beyond all recognition in the last century, when its historical buildings were burnt in 1945.

The preservation project is supposed to make the statement about the continuous history of the place. The archaeological site, that revealed the remains of the gothic town hall, is interpreted as the following step in the long “life” of the place. The difficulty lies in striking the right balance between the past and the present, between expectations of the tourists, the archaeologists and the citizens.

To reach the compromise, there’s idea to treat the ongoing work of archaeologists as great educational opportunity and interesting event in public space. The excavated part of the gothic ruins, together with proposed shelter for archaeological site is integrated with the main square providing space for public life.  The wind tower with the vantage point on the top serves both as tourist attraction and ventilation system. Proposed architectural form and modern materials negotiate with the past while looking to the future.

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