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Artwork created at

Lodz University of Technology,

Faculty of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Environmental Engineering

Architecture -  master's degree


Tutor: prof. dr hab. Andrzej Jocz

Let’s look at a small acorn. Within its hard shell it conceals the nucleus that is a very modest beginning for tall oak tree. The process of growing begins with destruction of an initial form to develop into something different over a lifespan. While the first phase is dynamic and transformative, the following change is gradual and evolutionary.

This sculpture is in a first line a physical study of an acorn. But more importantly there is also a layer of sculptural interpretation of phenomenon of beginning in a cosmological perspective. The central kernel is partially concealed by a shell that seen from different perspectives reveals its precious interior. The outer edges curved like elliptical orbits around the nucleus, as if in a solar system, seem to rotate the whole massive body. There are sings of destruction so as the viewer can almost visualise the powerful internal forces shaping this dramatic form. It looks as if the body in a rapid process of transformation has been petrified so you can sense the tension between the stillness and dynamics of the sculpture.

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