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There is a sense of discovery in a work of an architect. The way we live, collaborate, organize our space, express our emotions, hopes and worries, every single piece of our environment or cultural context has a powerful potential to become a piece of architecture, a subject of our work. What inspires me most is this unique opportunity to observe, understand and create the reality through my own work.


One of many pleasures of this profession I find in learning through an architecture. While not having any particular definition in this subject I try to keep an open mind and always benefit from an opportunity to experiment. Pursuing my varied interests I implement in my design process findings from fields of sculpture, literature, art, travel as well as understanding of different cultural backgrounds that is a vital part of my own experience.


In my work  I combine universality of craft skills and tools like hand drawing, sketches, physical models in different scales and materials that I consider particularly useful in terms of expression with curiosity in application of digital techniques like 3D printing or parametric design. Together with real engagement and dedication to work they stimulate my architect’s desire for discovery.


Piotr Adamski

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